User Registration

If your company will be registering for Colorado SecureSavings, the first step is to create your unique user ID and password.

What pieces of information do I need to register as an administrator for my company’s retirement portal?

To start registering for your retirement portal, you will need:

  • the EIN of the company (the EIN is your business' IRS-issued Tax ID Number),
  • the access code provided in the invitation to register, and
  • a valid email address.

Where do I register for my company’s retirement portal?

As an eligible employer, you can register in two different ways:

  • Access Code: Register through Colorado SecureSavings public-facing registration page using an access code. 
    • Note: Typically the first administrator to register their account will do so by access code.
  • Email Invitation: Register through an email invitation 

Company Verification 

There are multiple ways to get to the registration page:

  1. By navigating to

  2. By clicking the “Register a business” button on the home page      


Enter your business EIN and Invite Code at the "Employer Verification" screen, then hit "Begin"

If the correct access code is entered with an incorrect EIN 3 times during verification, the registration will be locked out after the 3rd attempt.

If you don't know your business' EIN, please get in touch with someone in your company who is responsible for financial matters.

Note: If you don't know your Access Code, your invite has expired or if your combination of EIN and Access Code does not allow you to proceed to the next step please contact or (844) 692-1073 for assistance.

To learn more about registration errors review our support article.

Once you've entered the accurate EIN and Access Code combination for your company, you will proceed to the next step. 

Program Election 

Next, you will be prompted to confirm whether you want to register your business or certify your exemption. Below is a break out of what you would see in each case:

  • Register My Business

1. Email Setup 

When registering for your program, the first step is to enter the email address you will use to log in.

Once you have entered your email address you will be taken to the "Account Setup" screen

2. Account Setup 

In this step, your login is verified to confirm if an email address already exists in our system or not. If the email account already exists in our systems you will have the option to "Connect Accounts" or "Create Account" if your email is not already in our system. 

  • Connect Accounts

If your login email is associated with an existing account you will be prompted with a message to login to the existing account in order to complete your registration. Simply enter the account password and select "connect accounts"

Once registered, you will be able to access both accounts from a single login. If you can't remember your password you can always use the "Forgot Your Password?" button 

Doing so will trigger a password reset link sent to your registration email from which you can reset your password. 

  • Create Account 

If you don't already have an existing email address with Colorado SecureSavings you will be prompted to set up a new account. This consists of creating and confirming your password.

Note: please make sure your password complies with Colorado SecueSavings requirements.

3. Platform Terms of Use 

Once registration is complete, the Employer can log in to the portal, upon login they will be required to read and agree to the platform terms of use. 

Certify My Exemption

1. Reason For Exemption 

When selecting certify my exemption, you will first be asked to select the reason for the exemption from a list of options, enter your full name and check off the box that certifies the provided information is correct. 

2. Exemption Confirmation

After selecting the "Confirm Exemption" button, a confirmation page will display providing an exemption code. 


  • If we have an email on file for the Employe, the exemption code is automatically sent to all available email addresses. 
  • If there are any users associated with the employer, upon exemption, the administrators of the plan will no longer be able to access the Colorado SecureSavings employer portal (unless they are an administrator for another plan on the platform)

Employers also have the option to have their exemption code emailed to an email address of their choosing by selecting " Email me the exemption code"

Email Invitation

After an administrator has registered for the program the Employer or admins can invite additional users to aid the sponsor, this can be done through the " Manage Admin Team" tab or by reaching out to

An email invite will be sent with a "Register Now" link. Once the " Register Now" link is selected you will be redirected to follow the steps outlined in the "Register My Business" step.

Register Now email.png


Note: Keep in mind invites expire in 20 days.

You'll then be signed in and redirected to the Employer Dashboard where you can begin onboarding your company to the Colorado SecureSavings program.

You'll also receive an email confirming your user registration. 

Next time you want to access the Colorado SecureSavings employer portal, be sure to select the "Sign in" button where you'll be prompted to enter your user ID and password.  


Do you own or manage more than one company that wants to register for Colorado SecureSavings? If so, click here to find out how to register additional companies and link all your companies under a single login ID and Password.

Please note:  Only the very first administrator will follow this User Registration process.  To add administrators for your company, please go to the Inviting Other Administrative Users article.

For help with common questions, please see the Trouble Shooting Registration Errors article.