Editing Employee Data

This article will demonstrate where to edit employee data and what data is editable.

Employers can only edit employee information if the employee belongs to 1 company and their employment status in the Employees dashboard is “Pending.”  Under any other circumstance, the employee is responsible for updating their personal data through the Colorado SecureSavings Employee Portal.

From the employee dashboard, click on the employee whose information you wish to edit.


Upon clicking the employee name, the Edit button will display at the bottom of the Employment Status card and the ID & Contact Info. 

  • If an employee does not meet the above criteria, there will be a Lock image at the bottom of the cards because:
    • Employee status is not listed as “Pending,” and their information cannot be updated
    • Employee status is listed as “Pending,” but they belong to more than 1 company in the program


Employment Status Card

Selecting Edit on the Employment Status card will allow you to edit the employees Status from 'Employed' or 'Terminated' and you can also add the employees External Payroll ID 

mceclip2.png Please note that the information in the Employment card within the “Employment” tab can always be edited as the employer provides this information. 

  • External payroll ID: (if applicable) The company may have a unique identifier for employees aside from their SSN

ID & Contact Info Card

Edit an employee's contact information, and date of birth from this screen. 


Hit save once done!

Please note Social security numbers are never editable in the Colorado SecureSavings employer portal. 

If you wish to add a new employee, please see our article “Adding New Employees”