Adding An Employee During The Contribution Flow

If you upload a contribution file that contains unrecognized employees, you will have the opportunity to add that employee through the contribution during the contribution process; however, keep in mind that if you add an employee through this process, they need to meet the 30-day waiting period and have gone through the Customer Identification Process - CIP before they will be eligible for contributions. See our article on Adding New Employees for more information. 

Unrecognized employees will be detected as part of the contribution validation process.   When that occurs, you will have the option to exclude OR add the new employee.  If you choose to add the employee, click “Add employee.”


The Add Employee pop-up will appear. Enter all required information, as well as any applicable optional information about your employee.

Please note: Ensure that all employee information that you enter is accurate as you will not be able to edit the employees' information once the employees' status is active. So please take your time.


Once you’ve completed this page, press Save & Continue to move on to the next page.

At any stage in the process, you can choose to “Exclude Row,” and you will be returned to the contribution in progress.


Although an option field, whenever available, please include an employee’s email address.   

Once you’ve completed this page, press “Save New Employee.”


Press OK to return to the contribution in progress. Just remember, newly added employees are not eligible to make contributions.

We hope that you found this article helpful; if you need further assistance, please reach out.