Add Employees

The final step in the Colorado SecureSavings onboarding process is to add your employees.

Gather Employee Data - Here is what we require about your employees

Before you get started, you'll be able to see who you need to include and what information will be required. 

To complete the Colorado SecureSavings registration process for your company, you must provide the required data for at least one (1) employee.  However, you are required to support all eligible employees in the Colorado SecureSavings program, so be sure to gather and enter all the required information for all employees.

Please note:  All employees should have a unique SSN or ITIN number.  You won't be able to proceed to add the employees without that.


Once you are ready to begin, press the Continue button to Submit & Validate your employees.

Please note: Ensure that all employee information that you enter is accurate as you will not be able to edit the employees' information once the employees' status is active. So please take your time.

Submit & Validate

To begin entering your employee data, you can either upload a file containing all your employees and their required demographic data, or you can type that data directly into the grid. 


Manual Entry 

If you choose to enter the data manually into the grid, please be sure to scroll to the right within the grid to fill out all required fields. 

Please note the required fields are:

  • SSN
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birthdate
  • Physical Address 1
  • Physical State
  • Physical Zip Code 


Continue to scroll to the right to ensure all required fields have been completed. The final column should be listed as External Payroll ID (optional). 


File Upload

Here are a few helpful hints for submitting your Employees:

  • All fields highlighted with an asterisk in the column header are REQUIRED data elements for each employee.
  • Those required fields include SSN, First Name, Last Name, Birthdate, and Physical Mailing address.
  • The valid formats for Date of Birth are Month/Day/Year or Month-Day-Year. (i.e 01/25/1970 or 01-25-1970)
  • If you are missing data for a required field, that cell will be highlighted in red.

Select the "Upload File" button to upload an Excel file from your computer that contains the employee information. Follow our guidelines to create your employee list file.


If the file you have uploaded contains any errors, the system will detect them and highlight the error in red. Click on the cell highlighted in red to correct the error. 



You may also use the switch in the upper right corner to only view the columns with errors.


After correcting any errors detected in the file, please proceed with selecting "Save & Continue" at the bottom of the screen.



Finally, click the "Finish Onboarding" button to complete your company's Colorado SecureSavings registration. 


Congratulations, you've successfully completed the onboarding steps. Click on the OK button to be brought into your company dashboard.